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Poppy's Best Paper 

Text by Susan Eaddy

Published by Charlesbridge 2015

ISBN: 9781580896146 - Hardcover - 40 pages - 5/8 years - 21,3 x 26 cm / 8,4 x 10,2 inches


Poppy is a little rabbit with big dreams and an even bigger personality! More than anything, Poppy wants to be a verrrry famous writer. She's sure Mrs. Rose will pick her paper to read to the whole class! Trouble is, she has tall ambitions but is short on effort, and her jealousy takes over when her best friend's paper is chosen instead. 


In the end, Poppy discovers that she has to get out of her own way if her big dreams are going to come true. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Reviews & Recognition

Imagination Soup:

Best Picture Books for Kids About Emotions and Feelings

"Kids will learn about jealousy and perseverance in this relatable picture book about Poppy. She wants her paper to be picked as the best in the class. When it’s not, she’s MAD. And jealous. In the end, Poppy keeps working hard and her paper is finally picked. I really love the artwork and the message in this story."

Kirkus Reviews:

"Poppy, a flop-eared bunny, leads a cast of small, individualized animals drawn with an expressive delicacy reminiscent of Kevin Henkes' figures. Also, along with sly notes like Poppy's bright visions of future school visits and celebrity-autograph sessions, Bonnet depicts the writer-to-be in authentic throes of composition—breaking a pencil, throwing her notebook across the room, and weeping with frustration before finally buckling down. Take note, budding authors. Poppy's paper is hard-won but worth the A it gets."



"Self-confidence is not all it’s cracked up to be, as we learn from ebullient little Poppy in Susan Eaddy’s Poppy’s Best Paper, charmingly illustrated by Rosalinde Bonnet (...) Bonnet’s lively drawings are endearing and keep the story moving. Thumbs-up to clay artist Susan Eaddy on her debut picture book. She’s created a character readers will gladly visit again and again."




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