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Picture Book Depot:

"Poppy’s Best Babies, is the perfect gift for young children who are welcoming a new sibling into the family (...) It can also be used to open a classroom discussion about emotions like the frustration, jealousy and concern that come along with making room for others (...)


Artist Rosalinde Bonnet’s illustrations are full of color and capture the happy chaos of the early elementary years, including cluttered bedrooms, messy kitchens, and furry frowns on Poppy’s face as she displays her displeasure at the feeling of being “replaced” by her new baby sisters." Rita Lorraine Hubbard

School Library Journal:

"Poppy, with her long white bunny ears, will charm readers while Poppy's savvy classmate, Petunia, provides comic relief. VERDICT Children adjusting to new siblings will relate to the content, and the ending is a loving resolution to Poppy frustrations. Perfect for one-on-one and small group sharing."

Poppy's Best Babies

Text by Susan Eaddy

Published by Charlesbridge 2018

ISBN: 9781632896292 - Hardcover - 40 pages - 5/8 years - 21,3 x 26 cm / 8,4 x 10,2 inches


Poppy, the little rabbit with a big personality, is back in a new adventure!

And she has a BIG problem; new baby twins!

Poppy is verrrry excited. Her favorite person, and rockin’ grandma GeeGee, is coming for two whole weeks! Never mind that she is here to help with newborn twins Iris and Ivy, Poppy is sure that GeeGee came just to see her. But time after time GeeGee is called away to help with a crying baby or two. As the decibel level increases so does Poppy’s frustration.


Finally, her jealousy transfers to GeeGee, now dubbed, “Worst Grandma”. 



Kirkus Reviews:

"Bonnet’s emotive, energetic illustrations help create memorable characters, especially in their depiction of rocker, biker GeeGee and through Poppy’s dramatic facial expressions (especially the scowls)." 

Publishers Weekly:

"Bonnet’s mixed media and collage illustrations start out winsome, but Bonnet soon shows she can make Poppy’s disappointment, hurt, and righteous anger visceral and authentic. In this follow-up to Poppy’s Best Paper, Eaddy takes an unhurried approach to storytelling, giving emotional depth to a familiar tale of displacement. Readers will feel sympathy for Poppy, though the tough situation ultimately leads her to become more self-reliant and capable of putting others first."

Kiss the Book Jr:

Buying advisory: Essential — Audience appeal: High

"There are a lot of books about children who feel left out when a new baby is born - this is one of my favorites. The illustrations are delicious - Bonnet's pictures tell the story, too. I loved the resolution. This book would make a great gift to a new big brother or sister, or would make a good conversation starter for talking about jealousy or sibling rivalry. "

Lisa Librarian

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