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Papa Coin Coin !

Texte et illustrations de Rosalinde Bonnet

Editions Circonflexe - 2018

 ISBN: 978-2878339482 - Relié - 40 pages - A partir de 3 ans - 23 x 27 cm 


Apout le renard arctique est bien embarrassé quand un oison jaillit de sa coquille sous son museau et le prend pour son papa. Ne connaissant rien aux bébés, il décide de chercher une famille pour l'adorable petit pot de colle. Mais au fil de sa quête à travers la toundra, Apout s’attache à ce bébé pourtant si différent de lui…

Le mot de l'éditeur :

Ce bel album très élégamment illustré, nous entraîne à la découverte des animaux de l'Arctique tout en suivant une jolie histoire sur l'adoption.







Sélectionné pour le Prix des incorruptibles 2019/2020 (catégorie maternelle)

Avis et revues pour l'édition originale Daddy Honk Honk! :

Bank Street College of Education: The Best Children's Books of the Year, 2018

"Chosen by The Children’s Book Committee as the best of the best published in 2017" - "Under 5" category.

School Library ConnectionStarred Review 

"This book shows the ultimate importance of love, whether given in a nuclear family or by a daddy fox to a bird. This will also be a useful book for a study of the Arctic and the animals living there. The illustrations are beautiful and the colors add to the story. Children will want to study all the pictures, name the animals, and search for other books about them. Highly Recommended." Ellen Spring

Scottish Book Trust: Bookbug Book of the Month

"Rosalinde Bonnet’s beautiful drawings will introduce children to the Arctic in a magical way and her storytelling features rich and interesting vocabulary. When was the last time you read “tundra” and “ruckus” in a picture book? I loved the funny dialogue between the fox and his fellow creatures, and think that dads and mums everywhere will fall in love with Aput’s determination to be “the greatest daddy” to his adopted baby."

Catriona Wallace, Head of Early Years

The Wall Street JournalThe Best New Children's Books 

The Washington Post:

"Winsome ink-and-watercolor illustrations complement the engaging story.Mia Geiger 

Publishers Weekly:

"Aput’s evolution from helpful bystander to committed parent makes for a lovely narrative arc, but even more touching is Bonnet’s portrait of a lively, caring community. The ink-and-watercolor drawings are a mixture of atmospheric minimalism and impressive detail (Aput is almost schematic, while a musk ox is magnificently shaggy), giving the pages a sweet, eclectic feel." 


Kirkus Reviews:

"The focus is on the developing relationship between father and child; the fox’s expression when the egg hatches is absolutely priceless... A sweet adoption tale."

School Library Journal:

"This sweet tale shows how love makes a family. A great choice for one-on-one and small group sharing." Linda Ludke 

Kiss the Book: ESSENTIAL

"The story is cute and relatable to small children. They will love the repetition of “Daddy honk honk!” What makes this picture book stand out in the crowded market of picture books, is the beautiful watercolor and India ink illustrations.  The animals are charmingly rendered and the Arctic landscape soft and sweeping." Samantha Hastings, MA, MLS.  

Novel Novice:

"Bonnet’s illustrations are just the sweetest, capturing details and personalities in each critter we encounter in her Tundra setting. They are just lovely, in and of themselves — but as part of the storytelling process, they really bring the text to vivid life (...) Daddy Honk Honk! really does a lovely job of showing that sometimes you can make your own family."

Bea's Book Nook:

"gorgeous and delightful book that I recommend to everyone with children or who cares for them. I expect it will become a classic."

Mr. Brian’s Picture Book Picks:

"Although the drawings amuse, there is something beautiful about Bonnet’s art here. The muted colors of the backgrounds, the gentleness of the animal characters’ expressions. Of course it all leads to a peaceful and satisfying resolution that brings a tear to the eye. Aput accepts his role as adoptive father, and all is beautiful under the northern lights."

Owl Always Be Reading:

" The Illustrations are simply amazing and I loved looking through all the pages and seeing all the cute animals.  You know it's a great children's book when you can tell what the story is about by simply looking at the illustrations. But what I loved above all, was the message behind the story.  We are all different and that's ok. It takes a village to raise a child and we all learn from each other. If you are looking for an adorable book to give to a new mommy and/or daddy, you have to get them Daddy Honk Honk! This story is just too cute not to share!" Ana

Read Brightly:

"Love knows no limits, which is how an arctic fox named Aput comes to adopt a baby goose. Thank goodness for a community of friends who help him see what an amazing gift this little gosling is."


Illustrations copyright © 2004 - 2020 by Rosalinde Bonnet - All rigths reserved. Reproduction prohibited without permission. 

Children's Book Author & Illustrator