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Pablo in the Snow

Text by Teri Sloat 

Published by Henry Holt/Macmillan, a Christy Ottaviano Book - 2017

ISBN: 9781627794121 - Hardcover - 40 pages - 2/5 years - 25,4 x 29,2 cm / 10 x 11,5"

Also available in Korean


What is soft, fluffy, and white? Pablo’s wool, of course. But this little lamb soon discovers that there’s something else as well: SNOW! From making trails to sledding with friends, having snowball fights and crafting snowmen, there’s tons of fun to be had in the snow. 


But winter days grow dark very fast, and Pablo finds himself lost on his way home. Not to worry, Mama and Papa help Pablo get back to the cozy barn so he can talk about his adventures.

Reviews & Recognition

Booklist: Starred Review
"The words pair perfectly with Bonnet’s dynamic—and adorable—watercolors. Simply drawn characters, outlined in India ink, are set against a flake-dappled background that goes darker as night falls. Little ones will relish a tale that has it all: new adventures, fun friendships, and the ultimate realization that while “snow is for big adventures . . . the barn is warm and dry, and Mama and Poppa are very, very cozy.”— Ilene Cooper 

Kirkus Reviews:

"Charming watercolor illustrations make excellent use of white space as the snowy backgrounds, capturing the light-filled brilliance of a snowy afternoon and contrasting effectively with the slightly spooky setting of the nighttime scene with dark trees and swirling snow." (...) "A delightful and satisfying snowy-day story, with the subtle advantage of a main character with a Spanish name."

Publishers Weekly:

"Sloat creates several lovely moments as she describes the world through the eyes of a snow newbie . . . Bonnet’s naïve drawings, rendered in simple ovoid shapes and clean ink lines, propel the story forward, and her animal cast is cute as a collective button."

School Library Journal: ​

"A sweet little tale about discovery and finding joy in nature, friends, and family. "

Childrens' Book Review: Best of 2017 Winter Books



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